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RainSong Graphite Guitars
Made in Washington State
Graphite construction makes these beauties impervious to
changes in temperature and humidity - but they are bought for
their outstanding bright and balanced tone! Most models are available by custom order in Clear (Black), Tobacco Sunburst, Blue, Red, Green or Pewter.

Click here for Video Demo Comparison of the Rainsong Parlour
and the CA Cargo 

Click here for Video Demo Comparing the Rainsong Shorty and the CA OX Raw
  • Shorty Fine Texture Acoustic - awesome tone, no pick-up (but we can put a K&K Pure Mini in, if you like!)...$1855

  • RainSong 12 Fret Parlour guitar P12 in gloss with hardshell case and electronics...$2189

  • USED 2002 JM1000 Jumbo with electronics...$1995

    P12 Fine Texture Acoustic Parlour - we love the tone on this one! Includes hardshell case...$1785 SOLD

    • Tobacco Sunburst Rainsong 12 Fret H-OM1000N2T - Essentially a Shorty with a Hybrid top! With electronics and hardshell case...$2189 SOLD

  • Shorty SG with uni-directional top...SOLD Call to order

    Blue Classic OM & WS-1000N2B  SOLD

  • Please email us or call 604-971-2893 to buy a guitar. 
    Bluedog Guitars is located in North Vancouver, BC, Canada

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